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Bronwen Liggitt lives in Los Angeles, works in television and likes being warm. But not too warm. She was raised by wolves and Nick Clooney.
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I adore tap. And this number to Piano Man (hi betheboy) was absolutely my favorite performance of last night



prigge, you did watch Penny Dreadful…. right? Eva Green was batshit amazing.


So many things can go wrong and often do, but I spend a good third of my time working on infrastructure, monitoring, and analytics so that they don’t.

Here’s what happened: At approximately 4:30pm PT feed fetching ceased. The feed fetchers were still working, which is why my monitors didn’t fire…

Despite yesterday’s unplanned downtime, NewsBlur is unquestionably still my RSS service of choice. Watching the community of users come together to do temp fixes yesterday was really interesting. It’s a special service!

Black Mirror, Channel 4’s Emmy-winning ‘Twilight Zone for the modern age’, returns in the form of a feature-length film for Christmas. Three interwoven stories of Yuletide techno-paranoia collide in the most chilling and mind-bending Black Mirror yet.


Look alive, fandom.


The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. Rest in peace. 

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the really nice thing about jaybushman is you* can just text him weird requests for pep talks and he obliges quickly